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NextGen Pastor



When a church has a passion and makes it a priority to reach the next generation, exciting things can happen. There isn’t much that is more important than raising up young people who love Jesus, have a strong faith, and are prepared to not just blend into the culture but to change it. That’s why we’re excited about the new Next Generation Pastor at Cornerstone Church in Cheshire, CT. This is a vibrant church with its best days ahead.

Church Description

Cornerstone Church is a multigenerational church of about 1000 in Cheshire, CT. This is a family-oriented church with a passion for reaching people with the Gospel and seeing people experience the presence of God and to become fully devoted followers of Jesus. Pastor Eric has been the Lead Pastor for almost 20 years and has seen tremendous growth throughout that time. Even in the heels of a pandemic year, Cornerstone has continued to thrive financially and see new people come to faith in Christ.

The goal of ministry at Cornerstone is so that people will know God, find freedom, discover purpose, and make a difference. This is reflected in an authentic, down to earth culture. Priority is given to an engaging atmosphere of worship where people can not only attend church but experience the power of God’s presence. Cornerstone believes that life change happens when people devote themselves to Jesus and have a relationship with him and His body, the Church.

Position Description

The new Youth Pastor at Cornerstone Church is stepping into a role, ripe with potential. The youth are a top priority moving forward – developing young leaders who love Jesus and learn how to use their unique gifts. Priorities for this role include:

  • A high energy, enthusiastic leader
  • A developer of people
  • Building teams
  • A can-do, get-it-done attitude
  • Creating a service environment for teens that connect them to Cornerstone’s Dream Team and Growth Track
  • Adopting the team values of loving God, loving people, pursuing excellence, and choosing joy

The youth ministry has been led by a husband and wife couple who are eager to have a leader give their full time attention to this critical area.

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