Seneca Creek Community Church
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Next Gen Pastor



Seneca Creek LOVES its students. Student ministry is the highest budgeted ministry at the church and the Next Gen pastor will be part of the leadership team to ensure student ministry has a voice in the church. The future Next Gen Pastor will have a chance to focus on High School ministry and begin to develop the Young Adult ministry while partnering with the Middle School Director for a unified ministry vision. The staff has served together for many years as it has a healthy staff culture and in an exciting mission field. Seneca Creek will allow its Next Gen Pastor wide latitude to innovate and the freedom to pursue new ideas.

Church Description *

Seneca Creek Community Church is located in the 2nd most culturally diverse city on the US! And Seneca Creek reflects the diversity of the community with 49 countries represented in the church and they offer translation service for both Spanish and French speakers.

Seneca Creek’s desire is to ignite a movement of the gospel that will transform their world with HOPE. Seneca Creek has grown to 850 in weekly attendance, despite serving in a challenging ministry area of doubters and skeptics. Besides their commitment to families and student ministry, Seneca Creek has a thriving creative arts ministry which welcomes the talents from its community. The church has a healthy staff, led by their lead pastor who has served at Seneca since its inception. Seneca Creek Community Church is located 30 minutes form Washington DC and has access to 3 major airports less than an hour away.


Position Description *

Seneca Creek Community Church is looking for a strategic thinking, visionary, highly relational Next Gen pastor to lead their High School ministry into the future and begin to develop their Young Adult Ministry. Seneca Creek understands that today’s students are put off by organized religion and skeptical of authority, but they are intrigued by Jesus. They know that reaching today’s students requires more than just a new model of ministry; it’s a whole new conversation. They’re passionate about engaging students and addressing the messy and complex questions they ask. This position has future potential to include leadership of multiple paid staff.

The Next Gen Pastor must have experience ministering in a multi-ethnic, racially diverse context. They must be comfortable entering the messy world of teenagers and willing to reach out to teens who are far from God. They must be able to confidently address relevant issues facing students with grace and truth that is not judgmental or condemning. They must possess excellent public speaking skills with the ability to contextualize the gospel in culturally relevant ways that include the effective use of media.