Willowdale Chapel
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Middle School Pastor

Kennett Square,


Willowdale Chapel is a church that is characterized by movement constantly seeking new ways to reach people in their community. They’ve helped start three new non-profits: a youth center, a ministry to unwed teenage moms, and The Constellation Network, a collaboration of churches and non-profits bringing good works of common grace for the common good of the region. Most recently the church has leaned into racial harmony and reconciliation, building a relationship with Lincoln University (a Historically Black College & University)—and launching Willowdale en Espanol, a Spanish-language worship service.

This is the heart of Willowdale and picture of its vision for youth. They seek a candidate with an entrepreneurial spirit who is willing to think outside the box. They desire a person who has a strategic mind to accomplish a vision. Willowdale has the resources to back this type of person!


Church Description *

Willowdale Chapel is located in Chester County PA. This county typically ranks in the top 40 richest counties in the country, yet there is a pronounced poverty problem in some areas. Similarly, there are many of the best public schools in the state, but also some troubled districts. Anglos represent 65% of the population while Latinos make up 16-25% depending on the community. Located near large metropolitan areas (Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore), Willowdale Chapel is a microcosm of the larger urban areas.

Willowdale Chapel is a church that values authentic storytelling, recognizing that there are no “perfect people”. They put people first over theology. They love to challenge the status quo. They embrace actively learning and are generous in their serving. Willowdale Chapel is a perfect place for someone who does not shy away from the truth of scripture, yet finds themselves in the places Jesus often found himself, amongst those who might not have it “altogether.” Willowdale is all about living in the gray areas, being next to the irreligious and irreverent. After all, they believe there are no perfect people!

Position Description *
Willowdale Chapel is looking for a Middle School Pastor to:

1. Personally champion the middle school ministry team, partnering with existing leaders while recruiting new teammates to build out the ministry.
2. Develop a robust system for disciple-making in small groups.
3. Identify or create the curriculum resources needed to support the mission.
4. Take point leadership for Sunday morning programming, fitting it into an overall strategy for middle school ministry.
5. Use their strengths for teaching, programming, and planning to engage active students and woo those who are currently disengaged.
6. Lead WipeOut Camp in concert with other pastors and leaders.

This will be a position that works in tandem with the High School Pastor helping lead and develop a cohesive strategy that intentionally builds toward the launching of well-grounded high school graduates into the world.