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Leadership & Teaching Pastor



Why We Love This Opportunity 

Heartland Community Church is a Jesus first people, driven by a passion for building relationships, and who are constantly pointing their lives out like arrows, and making a generational impact one life, one relationship, and one community at a time. That’s who Heartland Community Church is, and who God has made them be!

Heartland Community Church is seeking a biblically-grounded Leadership Teaching Pastor who will champion and add value to a collaborative leadership model of ministry, and elevate those they lead. 


Church Description 

Heartland Community Church has a heart for the furthest out. They have a solid mission that people have always gotten behind, that feels authentic to who HCC is, and who HCC’s people are. 

They are gracious hosts to unabashedly offer acceptance. You can show up broken, raw, defeated, and vulnerable. They are authentic people, who have the gift of welcoming and inviting others as an extension of God’s invitation.

They love Jesus and love people…and it is evident! 

Heartland Community Church has a special context…location and space, found in the heart of the Midwest in Kansas City. They have a beautiful, non-typical open floorplan facility including awesome indoor and outdoor spaces, a casual open atmosphere, and a clean, minimalistic feel. 

They are a regional Kansas City-metro church, with easy access off the highway. They have blue-collar, highly educated, transient people and everything in between that darken their doorways because of their physical location.

Position Description 

As they have prayed for who God is calling to the Heartland family, they have discerned that this future leader will have attributes, natural gifting, and experience that closely aligns in the following ways:

  • To have a heart that is captured by Jesus, energized by our mission and vision, and loves serving as part of a mutual leadership team
  • Advance the mission of God through the effective communication of the Gospel – God’s unchanging truths, in relevant ways
  • Inspire our people to live out the discipling mission of Jesus in their lives and in the world
  • To develop teachers and leaders
  • To lead, serve and partner with staff

To function as an equal member of a 3-pastor Lead Team – this specific role is focused on Leadership & Teaching. For context, the second role is focused on Communities & Discipleship and the third role is focused on Organizational Development.  

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