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Lead Pastor



Why We Love This Opportunity

The Way Bible Church is a unique opportunity to join in building a life-changing, culture shaping congregation in one of the most influential areas in the nation.

Church or Org Description

MISSION: The Way Bible Church exists to lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
We believe that living the Christian life is the greatest adventure a person can experience.
As Jesus says in John 10:10b – I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
The Way Bible Church is here to help you embrace the good news and live a good and full life!
Our church does this in three ways: Worship, Discipleship, and Community.
Worship – We come together to respond to God as a group. Part of this is singing, but it’s more than that. At The Way, we do this by singing, giving, praying, and learning together.
Discipleship – We have been given a wonderful tradition of helping others grow by doing life together with them. We want to help you connect with others, have fun, and grow in your faith. We have lots of opportunities to explore, including community groups, men’s and women’s bible studies, set up/tear down teams, audiovisual teams, care teams, and outreach teams.
Community – The Christian life cannot be lived alone. Truly following Jesus means putting others first, loving them, and enjoying their company.

Position Description

The Lead Pastor is Christ-centered and pursues a strong and growing faith. He is a constant student of the bible. “Above reproach” (I Timothy 3 and Titus 1) called to a higher standard, he is active in the church and the broader community. He should be living a “missional” life and have a passion for seeing the Church connected and living in community. All his efforts are in pursuit of a genuine, authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. He demonstrates an externally focused life, applying his own God-transformed life to impact the lives of others.

Some of the qualifications for this lead pastor role:

● Must have a strong and growing relationship with Jesus Christ and it should be evident in both the personal and professional life
● Demonstration of thorough Bible knowledge
● Must agree to The Way’s mission and beliefs
● Bachelor’s degree in biblical studies or related field preferred and an MDIV is a plus
● Experience in executive church ministry leadership with staff reports and volunteer oversight

Contact to apply, or click the button below.

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