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Lead Pastor



Why We Love This Opportunity 

The lead pastor role at Pantano Christian Church is an opportunity for a seasoned leader to lock arms and hearts in ministry with a dynamic, healthy, culture-shaping church. 

Church or Org Description 

Pantano is a healthy church that makes an important impact on our community. Pre-COVID, Pantano was reaching the lost with record numbers of baptisms. The staff teams were running cohesively in most areas and we were launching new initiatives. Momentum was strong with a newly completed Student Union building on our East Campus for students and launching another campus through a merger with a church meeting in a local HS. The campaign slogan was “Room for More!” 

Pantano has provided online ministry for 4 years and has leveraged this COVID-19 season to increase its quality and effectiveness.

Our mission: Loving people to Jesus, launching passionate people to make our world different.

Our vision: is to be a catalytic force to bring God’s influence to Southern Arizona and strategic places in the world.

Tucson, Arizona is one of the sunniest cities in the US, with 3,800 hours of sunshine a year. Tucson’s average yearly rainfall is about 11 inches. Expect occasional brief but intense thunderstorms in summertime (called Monsoons). Because it’s set in a desert valley, annual snowfall is rare in Tucson, although there’s enough for skiing in the nearby mountains.

Pantano is kingdom-focused with a passion to reach the lost.

Position Description 

Lead Pastor:

Full-time staff position: With flexible 5 days per week with two days off, 45+ hours/week

Supervisor: The Eldership of Pantano Christian Church per the guidelines outlined in the Pantano Policy Governance document

One-line Job Description: The Lead Pastor communicates the PCC mission and vision and leads the church toward its accomplishment.

Primary Responsibilities: Leading and Teaching

Lead Pantano Christian Church to fulfill our vision and mission strategically and tactically through these four key pathways or ends:

– Discipleship: Every participant following Jesus well

Evangelism: Reaching people who are not currently connected to God or a church community Church Planting: 

– Multiplying healthy life-giving churches community Development: 

– Developing healthy communities within neighborhoods and villages

Oversee the weekend teaching and worship Experience

Develop and guide the teaching series and schedule for the weekends and special events and assign messages to various teachers (The current Lead Pastor teaches 60% of the time) 

Qualifications required for the position:

– Full agreement with Pantano Christian Church’s Mission, Vision, Value, and Belief statements.

– At least 5-7 years of experience in a senior or executive staff role with oversight of teams in a local church.

– A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited Seminary/ Christian College.

Contact to apply, or click the button below.

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