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Lead Pastor



Why We Love This Opportunity 

Crossroads Christian Church is a unique leadership opportunity for someone who understands and loves leading and living in the heart of America. 

This church on the outskirts of Kansas City, Kansas has the heart and location to introduce Jesus to many thousands of people in this beautiful city.

Church or Org Description 

Crossroads Christian Church is a different kind of church. It is made up of normal and simultaneously amazing people. There isn’t an emphasis on rituals and traditions at Crossroads. Instead, the approach is informal and relaxed.

Crossroads wants you to feel welcome and at home. As our guests we want you to know that we are glad that you are here, and we want you to make yourself comfortable in a casual atmosphere. Crossroads wants to see many hundreds of men, women, and children in the city of Shawnee and across the greater Kansas City area be transformed into disciples and voices for Jesus Christ. 

Crossroads is part of the independent Christian Church with roots in the Restoration Movement. Crossroads would abide by the following principle: “We are not the only Christians, but we are Christians only.” 

Crossroads also believes there are essentials and non-essentials when it comes to community. There are things we must agree upon (essentials) and there are things we can disagree on and still all go to heaven (non-essentials).

Position Description 

The Senior / Lead Pastor will lead the people of Crossroads in our efforts to bring people to Jesus Christ and to assist them in becoming His fully devoted, reproducing followers.


This pastor is accountable to God and the Elders of Crossroads Christian Church.

General Duties/Qualifications:

The Senior / Lead Pastor will lead by word and example as he guides the church to accomplish her mission. His primary duties include proclaiming and teaching God’s Word, seeking and centering us on God’s vision, and developing leaders. Other responsibilities include role modeling the church’s mission, devotion to prayer, mobilizing people, and resources to Connect, Serve, and Grow.

Specific Duties: 

– Seeking God’s Vision for Crossroads

– Proclaiming and Teaching God’s Word

– Leading and Developing Leaders

– Living as a missional role model for the church 

– Devoted to prayer


– A bachelor’s degree in ministry from a Christian College/Seminary is required.

– At least 5 years of lead/senior pastor or executive-level leadership is preferred for this role. 

Contact to apply, or click the button below.

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