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Lead Pastor



Why We Love This Opportunity 

We are so excited for this opportunity at a GREAT church in a city with a rich history and vibrant culture. Providence Church has a seasoned team with huge hearts and the present and future of this church is bright! Providence is all about “making more and better disciples of Jesus Christ” and this leader will step into a role and rhythm that is ready to embark even further on that mission!
If you love helping people dive deep into their love and understanding of the Word, their love for Jesus and their place in His mission then you will love the team and opportunity at Providence. Great days ahead!

Church or Org Description 

Providence Church is located in Holland, Michigan and close to Lake Michigan, one of the most picturesque and popular destinations in Michigan. As indicated by its name, Holland has a strong Dutch cultural heritage. Holland and the entire lakeshore area continue to grow and diversify as more people discover the benefits of the region and make it home.

Providence Church is a church of approximately 500 in weekly attendance across two services. Over the past few years, Providence has been growing, primarily attracting young families with children. Providence aims to solidify relationships with key ministry partners both locally and in other parts of the world, including India and Africa.

Providence has a strong and talented staff and congregation who are committed to the church and each other. They continue to anticipate God’s faithfulness while seeking to carry out His mission to be “a community committed to making more and better disciples of Jesus Christ.” The next pastor of Providence Church has the opportunity to engage the talents and resources of the staff and congregation to make an impact for Christ in Holland and beyond.

Position Description 

Position Summary:

Providence’s lead pastor is responsible for congregational understanding and engagement in the vision and mission of Providence Church being a community “committed to making more and better disciples of Jesus Christ.” The lead pastor is the primary leader of the church and provides spiritual leadership for the congregation, staff, and elders. The lead pastor serves as head of staff, provides organizational leadership and is responsible for developing a strong leadership team. The lead pastor reports to the board of executive elders.

Primary Responsibilities/Entrustments:

1. Executive Leadership and Vision
2. Faith Formation and Teaching
3. Community Care & Connections

Characteristics and qualifications:
o Demonstrates depth of spirituality and intimacy with Christ
o Demonstrates a deep love and understanding of Scripture as God’s only divinely inspired, entirely
trustworthy Word
o Leads with a servant’s heart
o Humble, self-aware and flexible
o Models love of Jesus through actions and interactions
o At least 10 years of pastoral (or equivalent) experience
o Initiative, team building, and leadership development are essential
o Able to understand team strengths and delegate appropriately
o Strong organizational leadership and management background (10+ years)
o Familiarity with church finances and budgeting

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