Highrock MetroWest
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Lead Pastor



Church Description *
MetroWest is a congregation of the Highrock Network- a family of churches with a shared vision for locally-focused congregations. Highrock’s founders have articulated the following Vision Statement: To see God transforming every neighborhood and institution in Greater Boston through locally-focused congregations who live and love in such a compelling and Christ-like way that our neighbors are challenged to seriously consider the claims of Christ, be reconciled to God, engage in Christian community, and serve others in the unique ways God designed them to, so that Boston becomes a “city on a hill” that will be a blessing to the world. They value “Transformation through Connecting with God Personally, God’s People, and God’s Purposes.”

Highrock Metrowest has a vibrant multi-ethnic congregation of families who meet together to worship and reach their community for Christ. Located in the beautiful suburbs of Boston, Needham has a culture of excellence and leadership.

Highrock MetroWest Church is a member of the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC).  The ECC seeks to form and nurture communities that are deeply committed to Jesus Christ and passionately engaged in Christ’s mission in the world.


Position Description *

The next Lead Pastor of Highrock MetroWest has a rich leadership community to partner with in reaching the metro Boston area for Christ, providing a core team where sacrificial living, giving and forgiving are becoming the new normal.

The Lead Pastor for Highrock MetroWest will have key result areas in:
1. Spiritual, relational and emotional health
2. Influencing others
3. Mission ownership
4. Team orientation and leadership
5. Strategic management
6. Hospitality and accessibility

In addition, they will accomplish the following on a regular basis:
·  Oversee execution of Sunday service
·  Supervise the spiritual and professional development and goals of congregational staff
·  Shepherd members of the congregation in their own discipleship and emotional health
·  Engage in discipleship and evangelism for the sake of modeling it to congregants and fostering a culture of conversion and mission.
·  Prioritize prayer, spiritual formation, and theological/missional development for the sake of leading the church in these areas.
·  Oversee the processes related to financial stewardship and facilities.
·  Create a spirit of hospitality, warmth, and joy.
·  Partner with and empowers teams of lay leaders in the mission and ministry of the church.
·  And other key tasks as assigned

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