Trinity Baptist Church

Lead Pastor
Trinity Baptist Church

New York, New York
Church Description *
Trinity Baptist Church is an international and multi-generational community dedicated to making disciples of Jesus Christ who are growing in faith, obedience, and joy, as they go out to advance God’s Kingdom. Trinity Baptist is one of the few evangelical churches in Manhattan with its own building. From that historic facility built by Swedish immigrants on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, they welcome a steady progression of newcomers to New York, integrating them into a unified spiritual fellowship, in the same spirit of hospitality that has prevailed since 1867. With an impressive variety of races, cultures, ages, personalities, and professions, Trinity’s people participate in a spirit of love and caring that suggests the presence of God. Members’ enjoyment of Trinity’s ministry owes much to the legacies bestowed by past visionaries and dreamers, whose hard work shaped the nature of this unique church.


Position Description *
The next Lead Pastor of Trinity stands on the foundation of faithful saints who have worked to share the gospel in one of the great world cities for over 150 years. He will have the advantage of facilities, resources, spiritual vitality, and a godly predecessor, who served faithfully for 25 years before moving to be closer to family in Texas. The opportunity for powerful Gospel ministry is almost unlimited. The church seeks a visionary leader, who can develop a healthy trajectory for the organization beyond his own tenure. The lead pastor will be able to shape church culture, speak truth in love when correction is needed, coach staff and leadership to grow in character and effectiveness, and demonstrate the ministry of reconciliation in response to conflict. He should have the heart of a mentor and intentional discipler. The lead pastor should be an excellent communicator whose teaching of the Scriptures inspires the church and points to the biblical Jesus, as Lord and Savior, Head of the church. The ideal candidate will have at least five years of ministry experience, a Master’s Degree from an accredited seminary, and will enjoy city life and people from all backgrounds and nationalities.

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