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Kid’s Pastor



Miami Vineyard Community Church is one of the most vibrant, engaging, dynamic ministries on the planet. Lots of churches are relational and relevant, but few are vividly multi-cultural and intergenerational. Miami Vineyard is a family of Jesus followers like no other. Their passionate worship, practical teaching, and purposeful ministries exude grace and truth in community. In this next season, they need a Kids Pastor who’s ready to take team and servanthood to the next level so that South Florida kids and families can experience life to the full. We can’t wait for you to find out what makes Miami Vineyard Kids so amazing and to see if God is raising you up to be their next Kids Pastor.

Church Description

It’s hard to describe Miami Vineyard Community Church. You really need to experience it to believe it! This South Florida congregation has been serving its community in the way of Christ for over 30 years. What was once a primarily mono-ethnic church has blossomed into a truly multi-cultural faith community. Since 1993, Miami Vineyard Community Church has grown from 200 “faithful founders” to a uniquely diverse congregation of over 2,000 that genuinely reflects its greater community (65% Latino, 16% Black/islander/Haitian, 14% White/Caucasian, 3% Indian or Asian, 2% Other). Today, it’s a well respected church in the region for its gritty, God-honoring commitment to sacrificial outreach and weekly services/ministries where anyone and everyone is welcome.

The heart of this highly relational, high context body of believers aches for the unchurched and beats fast in ministry step with God’s Spirit. Each of Miami Vineyard Community Church’s weekend services (Sat. 6:15pm; Sun. 10am, 11:30am, 1pm) combines passionate worship and practical teaching so people can encounter biblical truth in Jesus-centered community. It’s truly a picture of heaven on earth as people from every tongue and tribe, young and old, rich and poor come together as one congregation united in Spirit and truth.

Position Description

Each weekend, an average of 320 children from infant through 5th grade participate in an exciting, adventurous, enjoyable time of movement, laughter, and learning. Miami Vineyard Kids provides a safe, fun environment with age-appropriate curriculum and experiences. The Kids Pastor and their team has a significant responsibility to lead kids of all ages and backgrounds toward a vibrant, lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ where they’re trained to be missionaries in the places and spaces they live.

The new Miami Vineyard Kids Pastor will be responsible for the current team of 75+ volunteers, ~320 kids (Nursery through 5th Grade), and 5 part-time staff. More than just manage today’s reality, the Kid Pastor needs to draw people into a life-changing ministry where they can invest their passion, gifting, and experiences for God’s mission in and through Miami Vineyard. This will require audacious dreams, catalytic creativity, and daring initiatives – all designed around team-based leadership. Specifically, there’s need to build into and build up the staff and volunteer core of Miami Vineyard Kids, enhance the current children’s ministry programming, and consider fresh ways to use/buildout the existing facilities for greater impact.

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