12Stone Church
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High School Pastor



We are once again privileged to partner with 12Stone Church for a Student Ministry position– this time for the High School Pastor at the Lawrenceville (Central) Campus. This church understands the importance of NextGen ministries and prioritizes ministry to students.

Church Description *

12Stone Church began as Crossroads Church in November of 1987. After five years of meeting in rented facilities, the church moved into a permanent facility, the Collins Hills Worship Center. Just two years later the church received a generous gift of 13 acres from Doug Edwards and in 1998 Crossroads Church (then 800 people) moved into the Edwards Campus. Within two months the church doubled in size. This campus would continue to grow (numerically and physically) and by 2003 the church would move into a new building on the Edwards campus that now housed 1000 people for worship services.

In 2007 with many commuting from surrounding areas, the church expanded to a multi-site model and opened a second campus in Hamilton Mill. The church changed the name to 12Stone Church that same year. 12Stone has added new campuses and new buildings in the last decade, including five campuses launching on the same day (January 11, 2015). Though much has changed as the church has grown, the original vision remains the same, “to reach as many people as possible, for as long as God allows us to serve.”


Position Description *

Key Responsibilities
-Give point leadership to H12 at the Central Campus
-Assist all areas of high school ministry to help carry out the vision of 12Stone Church
-Plan and develop large group worship gatherings for student ministry
-Recruit, equip and develop H12 adult leaders and small group leaders
-Identify, equip and develop student leaders
-Communicate with H12 parents
-Design and implement campus-specific strategy for outreach at local schools
-Coordinate with campus student ministry pastors for major events
-Provide leadership at the campus level in alignment with the NextGen pastor’s direction
-Maintain and communicate alignment with the mission and vision of 12Stone Church
-Maintain feedback, communication and alignment with the Campus Services TeamQualities:
-Effective communicator
-Recruits and shepherds volunteer team members
-Team player and highly collaborative
-Self-starter (does not require micro-management)
-Communicates well with parents
-Experience and/or passion to work in diverse setting (ethnic and socio-economic)

-Active, growing faith with Jesus
-Commitment to personal spiritual growth
-Theological and philosophical alignment with 12Stone Church
-Emotionally/spiritually mature- lifestyle above reproach (models standards and expectations of leaders within 12Stone Church)
-Evident desire to shepherd ministry for High School Students
-4 years minimum experience with significant build/growth

Reports to: Next Gen Pastor

Contact baaby@slingshotgroup.org to apply, or click the button below.