Journey Church

High School Pastor
Journey Church

Brentwood, Tennessee
Journey Church is a collective of people who are surrendering their stories to the redemption of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a leadership team, Journey Church loves living “as one of” their people and sharing in the work that God is doing in their community.

Founding and Lead Pastor, Jamie George, has brought a message of healing and hope to so many who are weary from a performance-based existence and wary of a religious, transactional approach to practicing their faith.

Journey Church has never been run by one person, but by a plurality of leadership (elders and staff). They are led well by a dedicated team of men and women who never want to do church again in the same way. This is a team that is truly fighting for what Jesus died and rose for!


Church Description *

In 2006, Jamie George founded Journey Church and has served as the lead pastor ever since. Originally based in Franklin, Tennessee, Journey Church has recently moved into the neighboring community of Brentwood and continues to provide a safe haven for those full of questions and those seeking to express their faith through the arts.

Stripped of all pretense and averse to churchy words that trigger religious connotations, the atmosphere at Journey Church is a safe place to experience the love, grace and mercy of God, regardless of your past. Journey is a community of people experiencing the presence of God through relentless transparency and radical vulnerability while living free from the tyranny of legalism. This is a place where its okay to not be okay and where you can truly know and be known. For many, Journey has become home—a place where hope is renewed and trust is everything.

Over the past 11 years, they have been a part of launching at least a dozen new faith communities. As a sending community, they get excited when those from within their family and from without sense God calling them to the faith risk of shaping a new community of believers.


Position Description *

The High School Pastor at Journey Church will serve as the leader and pastor of the high school ministries. He or she will be the primary communicator (story-teller) and vision-caster of the ministry, while responsibly shepherding students in the community. This role will play a vital part in the pastoral leadership staff and will primarily be responsible for developing key volunteers and leaders in the ministry as they work alongside parents to lead students into discovery their God-given identity and story. This person needs to have the spiritual gifts of leadership, teaching, and shepherding.

Key responsibilities include: 
-Lead, cast vision, and direct the high school ministry at Journey Church, including budgeting, operations, first impressions, villages (small groups), and strategic planning.
-Speak as a compelling story-teller in student ministry venues.
-Manage and develop the student ministries team to create a community of high school students who are actively participating in relationship with God and serving their community
-Recruit, retain, and develop key leaders and volunteers who have a high ownership of the high school ministry.
-Be the first contact for students and families that are going through pastoral care situations.
-Participate in and lead church-wide events and teams as needed.

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