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High School Pastor

San Jose,


We are excited to see who God will bring to lead WestGate students to the next phase of their student ministry. Poised for growth, equipped with great volunteers the students are ready for a relational leader who will partner with the current team for outreach and community growth.

Church Description

WestGate began in 1993. Steve Clifford began serving as Senior Pastor in 2001. Under Steve’s leadership, the staff was challenged with this simple question, “If our church were to burn down tomorrow would anyone in our community care?” Everyone agreed the answer would be a resounding, “No.” So, with laser focus, they set out to change that perception by making WestGate essential to problems facing its city.

WestGate grew from a couple hundred people to now over 3,000 adults in attendance each weekend at their two locations. WestGate currently employs over 100 people to meet the demanding needs of all of its ministry obligations and continues to be an important and influential presence among civic, educational and vocational domains.

Worship services are offered at the Saratoga Campus (where this role is being filled) on Saturdays at 5:00pm and 6:40pm and two more services on Sunday at 9:30am and 11:15am.

Position Description


●  Weekend Service: Plan, organize and execute all parts necessary for our High School Ministry weekend service.

●  Events, Camps, Retreats: The Director will be responsible for creating engaging, fun events that will help students grow in their faith and will encourage students to invite new friends.

●  School Outreach: WestGate’s relationships with local schools is deep-rooted in its vision to serve the local community in a loving way that people cannot help but to see Jesus through it.

●  Leadership Development: High School ministry at WestGate cannot thrive by the hands of one person alone, but by the many hands of people dedicated to serving High School students.

●  Multi-Campus Support: WestGate is a multi-site church with several locations. The Director must be able to work with and collaborate with the Student Ministries Directors/teams from other campuses to create cohesion between all of our WestGate campuses.


● A clear and compelling testimony of faith in Jesus Christ

●  An experienced track record of self-motivated building, growth and development for the Kingdom.

●  Preaching gifts commensurate with the WestGate preaching team.

●  2+ Years of Directing/Pastoring a Student Ministry group

●  Undergraduate degree required.

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