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Head of School


North Carolina

This position has been filled.

Faith Christian Academy (FCA) is a private, biblically-based, college preparatory school with over 270 students in grades K-12. The academy is guided by a Christian, traditional philosophy of education. FCA is a member school of the American Association of Christian Schools and the North Carolina Christian School Association. For more than 50 years, Faith Christian Academy – a ministry of Faith Free Will Baptist Church – has been one of Wayne County’s leading private Christian schools. It has a 1:18 Teacher/Student ratio and its students have been awarded more than 500 1st place finishes in Fine Arts and SACS competitions.

Faith Christian Academy is dedicated to the education of the whole child and assisting parents by providing quality spiritual, academic, social, and extra-curricular programs that encourage young people to achieve their individual best for the Kingdom.

Educational Philosophy
FCA holds that Christian Education is a mandate from God for the Christian family (Matt 28:18-20). Because of Scripture verses like Proverbs 19:27; 22:6; Deut. 6:6-9; and Col. 2:8 and believes they must provide an atmosphere more conducive to the precepts of the Bible and be in harmony with parental admonition.

FCA supports parents that teach their children morals, such as truthfulness, purity, honesty, patriotism, faithfulness, and a high regard for standards. Every subject is taught in light of Biblical truth. FCA accepts God’s Word as the final authority. The academy is a ministry and a part of Faith Free Will Baptist Church. The school exists because of the church, and they operate in harmony with the other church ministries.

FCA is fully accredited by the Middle States Association Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools, National Council for Private School Accreditation, North American Christian School Accrediting Agency, and the North Carolina Christian School Association and is approved by the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education and American Association of Christian Schools.

The Head of School of Faith Christian Academy is directly responsible for the administration of the school policies. The administrator is authorized by the board to administer board policies and make decisions pertinent to the day to day operation of the school. He shall direct all the activities of the school in a manner that brings glory to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He will operate the school according to the doctrinal positions of Faith Free Will Baptist Church, the direction of the pastor and School Board, and the principles established by God as found in His Word.

This position has been filled.

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