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Worship Pastor



Church or Org Description:
First Light Church is a congregation of about 1300 people across two campuses in the Dayton, OH suburb of Vandalia. They desire to be a faith family who live in such a way as to intentionally engage the world around them. They want to be a people of transparency and openness who are not afraid or ashamed to say “I am broken and struggle, too” while, also, sharing how Christ has healed their brokenness. They desire to create safe places and environments for families and communities to call upon and go to in times of great need, places where marriages will be rescued and people will be set free.

The musical worship at First Light Church is modern and band led. Typically, the band consists of two-three vocalists, keys, bass, drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and from time to time an auxiliary percussion player. As a multi-generational congregation, they desire musical worship that reaches across generations in its appeal, while primarily appealing younger. They want to experience a full range of expression from celebrative, joyful worship to more contemplative and confessional moments.

Position Description:
The new Worship Pastor will be responsible for the worship ministry on the Vandalia campus. Currently, there are about 25 volunteers serving on the worship team at this location. The Worship Pastor will lead this group of volunteers and engage them well while working to recruit, develop and shepherd additional people to the team. This person will also work beside the worship leader for First Light’s second campus, along with the Teaching and Creative Team in selecting songs for worship. There is a desire for all elements in the worship services to tie together into a seamless, coherent experience.

The successful candidate will be a trained musician who is a relational, humble leader and who loves developing others, watching them grow, and empowering them to lead. A team approach to platform leadership is desired here. The new Worship Pastor should be authentic, leading with joy and enthusiasm in a way that engages with people of all ages. Someone who leads from the heart with an authentic passion is desired. Strong platform skills are needed, but this person must also be relational on and off the stage. Production is not valued here as highly as relational connection and authenticity.