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Business/Finance Manager



Why We Love This Opportunity

Shepherd’s Grove is a dynamic local church with a compelling global mission. They’re dedicated to creating happy and whole students of Jesus Christ—regardless of age, culture, or spiritual background. Shepherd’s Grove Church is renown as the epicenter of The Hour of Power ministry. Robert Schuller’s grandson, Bobby, continues to lead this thriving legacy ministry to impact lives worldwide.

This intergenerational congregation meets weekly in its new Irvine, CA venue, a location that draws in local neighbors and guests from around the globe that God has impacted through its ministries. While Shepherd’s Grove does broadcast The Hour of Power live each Sunday, the excellent worship and solid biblical teaching isn’t just for all the world, it’s for all who come through the doors of this local church and call it home.

Church Description 

Shepherd’s Grove in Irvine, CA is a unique and amazing place. Each Sunday more 1,000 people attend this church locally and millions of people experience Shepherd’s Grove globally through their television ministry. The heart of Shepherd’s Grove is to have a local and global impact with the Gospel.

At Shepherd’s Grove people experience a hospitable community focused on spiritual formation with God, each other, and a missional calling to the world. It’s the mission of Shepherd’s Grove to join God in what he is already doing in the world he created with love and care.

Every day, Shepherd’s Grove has the immense joy of sharing God’s love with their local community – and with millions of people around the globe. Shepherd’s Grove has a local and global focus by broadcasting their services and ministry to millions of people around the world through the Hour of Power television ministry. During Hour of Power broadcast, you’ll also hear from actors, authors, athletes, pastors, and/or music artists who have an inspirational story to share with the church attenders and viewers.

Position Description

The Business/Finance Manager position is responsible for the day-to-day financial operations. This position requires an appreciation for (and in ¬depth understanding of) the special needs of the business side of a large religious non-profit that includes a local church (Shepherd’s Grove), Preschool (the Jenny Hart Early Education Center) and an international broadcast ministry (The Hour of Power). This position requires interaction with pastoral leaders, staff, Board members and congregants, as well as outside business stakeholders. The position requires an exceptionally strong background in financial reporting and the manipulation of complex, multi-faceted financial data.

A full job description is available upon request

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