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Family Pastor



A great opportunity for a leader who loves student and children’s ministry. The Kirk of the Hills has been a beacon of light for the greater Tulsa metro area for 60 years. This church is looking for a Family Pastor to join a leadership team with fresh new energy to see Christ transform the Tulsa area. Stepping into this position you will have opportunities to work with and lead a capable family ministry team, and explore opportunities to start a college ministry from the ground up.

Church Description

Experience Christ’s love and connect with His people when you walk in the doors of this historic congregation in the heart of the Tulsa metro. This group of believers have a great reputation for teaching the Gospel and serving the community. The Kirk is looking for a leader to come join a healthy church, lead a healthy team, and lead a ministry to families that makes a difference in the Tulsa community. The Kirk of the Hills is a part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). Historically the Kirk has not been a diverse church culturally or economically but recently that has been changing. The demographics are educated, primarily white and somewhat affluent people. It is the Lead Pastor’s and Session’s heart to create a more diversified church both economically and culturally that reflects the people they serve.

Position Description

This position will be responsible to lead, develop, and grow the family ministry, including all aspects of ministry from infants through college/young adults. This is done by, leading the family ministry team made up of 4 staff.

To provide spiritual oversight, care, and strategic direction for all staff and volunteers in the family ministry. To lead one area of family ministry, using your passions and gift set.

To nurture and encourage children, youth, and parents in their relationship with Christ and faithful participation in the life and mission of the church.

To serve on the pastoral team to lead in the discipleship of the church.