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Executive Pastor/Chief of Staff



Why We Love This Opportunity

This is an incredible opportunity for someone who wants to be a part of a multiethnic and multicultural church located at the edge of the urban and suburban world. Lakeview is passionate about the community they’re in and serve and are looking for an experienced leader to help them navigate an exciting future!

Church Description

Lakeview has an amazing history and story. The church was planted in 1918 by an evangelist named Maria Woodworth-Etter. Maria was 84 years old when she started the church.

Lakeview is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural church located at the edge of the urban and suburban world. Lakeview is passionate about God and serving Him through worship, prayer, relationship building, and ministry to children and youth. They desire to make their presence strongly felt within the surrounding community and to become a resource for churches throughout the world.

Current Lead Pastor Ron Bontrager, was called as lead pastor in 1994 and is Lakeview’s 4th Pastor in 103 years. Pastor Ron is excited about the future of Lakeview and their continued focus to be an open resource for their surrounding community. Lakeview wants to continue to be a good neighbor with helpful and loving staff focused on the community.

The mission of Lakeview is to know Jesus. Find change. Discover purpose. Make an impact.

Position Description

Chief of Staff:

  1. Lead the Pastoral Team
  2. Create Job Descriptions with Metrics
  3. Facilitate One on One’s with the Pastoral Team
  4. Oversight of ministry goals and performance reviews
  5. Design Organizational Structure

Leadership Development:

  1. Develop the Pastoral Team as Leaders and Pastors
  2. Cultivate a Culture of Care, Development, and Results
  3. Perform Regular Trainings or Teachings
  4. Build Church Serve Teams and Leadership

Ministry Architect:

  1. Develop and Align Systems with Vision
  • Worship Services, Groups, Growth Track, Serve Teams
  • Outreach, Missions
  • Prayer Services, 21 Days of Prayer
  1. A, B, C’s of Serve Teams
  • A-attract (recruit)
  • B-build (training)
  • C-connect (relationships & responsibility)
  • D-develop (communication, appreciation, recognition)
  • E-evaluate (metrics)

Executive Team:

  1. Contribute to Weekly Exec Team Meetings
  2. Participate in Monthly Elder’s Meeting

The full job description is available upon request

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