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Executive Pastor



Why We Love This Opportunity

Fellowship Bible Church has seen the blessings of health and growth for the majority of their life as a church, and now they are ready to take the next step in, Lord-willing, ensuring more of both for the next ten years plus.

Fellowship Bible Church is taking the significant step of inviting their very first Executive Pastor onto a healthy team as a complement to the leadership of Pastor’s Monty Waldron & Jeff Patton. It is a very exciting time at a great church for the right next-level leader!

Church or Org Description

Monty and Kimberly Waldron moved to Murfreesboro, TN, in August of 2000, sent by Fellowship Bible Church of Little Rock, AR, to begin a new ministry. In January 2001, a few small gatherings were held to explore the vision for a Fellowship Bible Church in Rutherford County. By God’s grace, Fellowship Bible Church held its first public worship gathering in October 2001 at a Murfreesboro daycare! One year later, God opened the door to meet in what would be their church home for the next twelve years, Blackman Middle School.

In June 2004, Jeff Patton joined Monty as a second teaching pastor and teammate in ministry. Together, they began cultivating the community of faith and its leadership that is fulfilling the mission of Fellowship today. Another defining moment in the history of this church was its move from Blackman Middle School to its Veterans Parkway campus in 2014. They call it “Common Ground for Connected Lives,” and this custom tool for the mission has enabled the church to significantly expand its influence inside and outside their community of faith. The team at Fellowship Bible Church are grateful for God’s kindness and generosity toward them.

Position Description

The Executive Pastor will exercise primary oversight of the operations and ministry strategies of Fellowship Bible Church, focusing their efforts on three primary areas of influence:

1. Operationalizing the Vision
2. Operational Oversight of Facilities & Business Functions
3. Leadership & Ministry Development

The Houston Business Journal captured a picture of the scope of the type of leader Fellowship Bible Church is seeking. In their words;

“The operational leader often influences the success of others.

An operational leader is someone who sees how the individual elements of an organization fit together and work to create the larger outcome. When they think about issues, their focus is on what systems and processes are needed or will be impacted. These leaders serve a key role in ensuring that things get done in an effective and efficient manner.

Generally, operational leaders share the following characteristics:

1. They provide stability to the organization.
2. They devise systems to make things run smoothly.
3. They serve as a hub through which activity is coordinated.
4. They share the bad news.
5. They create new solutions to old problems.

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