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Executive Director



Why We Love This Opportunity 

RTwelve Inc. is a Christian non-profit service organization that serves father/son and mother/daughter members, with students in grades 9-12. The organization uses Romans 12 to provide a platform for Christian fathers/sons and mothers/daughters to SERVE together, GROW in faith, and LEAD with courageous character.


Church or Org Description 

RTwelve is a Christian 501c3 non-profit service organization based in southern California. Members of RTwelve are parents with high school age students who participate together in a 4-year program of community service, spiritual growth, and leadership development. Chapters are comprised of fathers/sons and mothers/daughters with students in grades 9-12. The father/son and the mother/daughter chapters operate independently though may serve together on various projects.

Each chapter holds monthly meetings where parents and students attend together to learn from meaningful Christian speakers and grade level mentors. The parent and student members each hold various leadership positions within the chapter and volunteer for service projects throughout the year. Over the four-year program, the members serve in a multitude of ways and with a variety of organizations in the community. RTwelve is a certified organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

Today, RTwelve has 10 chapters across Southern California and is poised for this next season.


Position Description 

RTwelve partners with organizations in the community to serve and provide hands-on relational volunteer experiences. Each year our members are required to serve a minimum of 15 community service hours in support of chapter approved philanthropies.MONTHLY MEETINGS:
Structured time together in order to foster deep conversation, connection, accountability and fellowship with like-minded parents, students, and mentors. Members learn from Christian speakers who teach on topics from Romans 12 scripture.

RTwelve chapters provide leadership opportunities within each grade level. Students plan and facilitate meetings and events which develop leadership and problem-solving skills, as well as organizational and communication skills. Parents also take on various leadership roles within the chapter.

The transitional and fast-paced nature of high school poses a challenge to having meaningful time for our most important relationships. RTwelve provides the platform for fathers/sons and mothers/daughters to connect in ways that will have a lasting impact on their personal growth and on the community that they serve.

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