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Executive Director

This position has been filled.

Founded by author/blogger/speaker Joel C. Rosenberg and his wife, Lynn, in 2006, The Joshua Fund (TJF) was established “to bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus, according to Genesis 12:1-3.” From the outset, the organization’s purposes were to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of Jews and Arabs in the region; not only in Israel, but with her “neighbors”—Palestinians, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq—as well.

From the outset, the organization has been focused on four primary goals:

  • Preach the Gospel (Evangelism)
  • Equip the Church in the Epicenter (Discipleship) – “Epicenter” is the name of one of Joel’s non-fiction books and is typically used by TJF as a way of describing the entire region in which they do ministry.
  • Care for the Needy (Humanitarian Aid)
  • Educate & Mobilize the Global Church to Learn, Pray, Give & Go (Communications/Teaching Ministry)

The Joshua Fund is a completely virtual organization, with each staff member working out of their homes; three in Virginia, three in California, and one each in Colorado and Alabama. Their related NGO in Israel is a separate organization and has three full-time employees; two based in Israel and one in Singapore. Half of the executive and senior staff have been with the organization in various capacities for at least ten years, and two additional senior staff members have been with the organization for nine.

Their overall 2019 revenue budget is $5.8 million, with an expense budget of $6.1 million. As evidenced in their Form 990 filings, TJF is blessed with strong cash reserves, which allows for additional board-approved program spending as opportunities are prayerfully vetted. Their revenue stream is derived primarily from individual public donations, with a smaller percentage coming from foundations and stock gifts.

The ideal candidate may be serving as the CEO of small to medium sized ministry; preferably with cross-cultural experience. Or s/he could be on the executive team of a larger organization, or perhaps they are serving as an Executive Pastor at a large, globally-minded church. They must demonstrate a high EQ and an entrepreneurial spirit, but also have the gift of administration. S/he must also be a communicator and presenter who is comfortable serving as a public face of the ministry. A successful history of fundraising will be a plus, as will having worked with a strong visionary founder. This person must be able to successfully mesh together staff, founder, board and partners.

This position has been filled.

To learn more about the work of The Joshua Fund, please visit their website at


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