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Digital Ministry Pastor



Why We Love This Opportunity 

Pantano is poised to embrace a new digital ministry pastor and a new leader will enjoy an opportunity to build and grow a team that reaches the city of Tucson and beyond with the hope that Jesus gives.

For years, leadership at Pantano has known that people often watch online before attending in person and that people like to stay connected when traveling. They worked hard to provide quality services for these reasons but since COVID-19, they have dramatically ramped up their efforts to build community in the digital space.

One of the biggest opportunities for the new digital ministry pastor lies in intentionally reaching non-christians and those not currently seeking a church community.

The staff has embraced all the necessary strides to improve digital communication but are also keenly aware there is more to accomplish. They are committed to maximizing every digital tool available for evangelism and community building online.

Church Description 

Pantano Christian Church is known in Tucson, and Southern Arizona, as a dynamic, generous, and culture-shaping church. Pantano generously invests in other churches, ministries, nonprofits, and governmental agencies.

Committed to leading the way in equipping, mentoring, coaching, and serving other leaders in their city and beyond, Pantano is a healthy church that makes an important impact on their community. Pre-COVID, Pantano had a record number of baptisms (baptism ratio of 13 per 100 average in attendance). With a need to expand and provide space for all the people that were attending, and to relieve the pressure on their parking lot, momentum was strong with a newly completed Student Union building on the East Campus for students and launching another campus through a merger with a church meeting in a local HS. Their campaign slogan was “Room for More!”

Pantano has leveraged this COVID-19 season to increase its quality and effectiveness through digital ministry opportunities and is building a strong foundation of their online ministry that has been actively growing for the past four years.

Position Description

  • Develop an ever-evolving digital strategy to reach the lost and engage others
  • Work in collaboration with the Production team to ensure that all standards and values are represented during all digital expressions of the church
  • Oversee the production and distribution of online services and content
  • Supervise the Digital Ministry team
  • Create and utilize digital discipleship tools to help people reach their neighbors
  • Possess the technical skills and develop the strategy needed to assist with the collection, editing, and assembling of data to measure engagement across all platforms
  • Research, learn and implement our current digital ministry tools like Gloo, CCB, Planning Center, etc. to their maximum capacity.
  • Model servant leadership, empower and position others for growth and actively build a culture of leadership development

Other Duties:

  • Participate in the Production Team meetings to understand and prepare for the details of the vision of the coming week
  • Must be proficient with: communication, carrying vision/mission/values, creativity, standards, and leadership
  • Minimum Job Requirements:
  • Active “All In Partner” at Pantano Christian Church
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Expert with Office-related computer skills, including experience with common office software/programs and online applications
  • Ability to effectively utilize online communication, email, and calendar tools
  • Ability to work productively without direct supervision
  • Ability to work well and collaborate with team members, volunteers and other staff
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