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Creative Director / Online Pastor



Why We Love This Opportunity

This is a great opportunity for someone just beginning in ministry to get into leadership. There are part-time people to lead and a team of volunteers to envision to see the worship, production, and digital worlds of Northpointe take steps forward.

Church or Org Description

Northpointe Community Church is all about helping people move toward a life fully devoted to Jesus. Their approach and mission is simple and straight-forward; it guides all that they do: help all people move to a life fully devoted to Jesus.

“They take seriously the call to reach the lost, make disciples, help people grow, and to equip them to reproduce that relationship in Jesus. Their vision is that every person who calls Northpointe home would regularly be sharing what Jesus is doing in their lives in their sphere of influence. That concept of “Own – See – Share” was rolled out in September, 2020 with the vision that Northpointe would be known as the church where everybody talks about how Jesus is changing their life.”

“We try not to take ourselves too seriously, though. It’s fun to work here,” says Lead Pastor, Rick Ruble.

“Fun” might be a differentiator that sets this staff team apart from many. This group enjoys working together, and having each other’s back. “We don’t have to be best friends, but whoever joins our team needs to know that there is a love for one another here that is tempered and refined,” says Chris Carter.

Position Description

The Creative Director will oversee all aspects of worship and creative ministry at Northpointe, but the online digital presence is a key factor of focus in this next step. “We need a team-mate who speaks digital natively,” says Rick. “We know there is much to be done as we continue to take steps there.

There is a part time worship leader who functions in this role on weekends. There is also a part time tech director whose role will finish once this position is hired.

The team is optimistic, and is dreaming about the future; however, there is a sense on the team that it doesn’t all ride just on the next hire. The volunteer leaders have done a great job of leading the ministry together, but it is time to take the next step. “We have a desire to be more creative and grow in all areas,” says Rick.

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