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Creative Director



Church or Org Description
Flatirons Community Church began in 1997. It is the 14th largest church in America and the largest church in Colorado. After meeting in various locations for many years, they remodeled a huge retail space, transforming it into an amazing ministry facility. They have a committed, talented, and continually expanding staff to keep up with rapid growth.
Over the past four years, Flatirons has launched four additional campuses throughout the Denver area.
People are ‘real’, innovative, and down-to-earth, and the vision and ministry strategy of Flatirons reflects this. The church community is predominately middle-income and Caucasian families with growing diversity. Their target demographic is ‘real people’ in the 25 to 55 age range with families. Most importantly they are targeting the lost people of their greater community, regardless of demographic.
Position Description
Flatirons is looking for a high-caliber creative. This leader will be art directing an overall 360-degree creative program as it relates to the mission and vision of Flatirons Community Church. This position leads a team of 10+ artists. Essential skills include stellar communication, presentation, problem-solving, and project-management skills while inspiring creativity and juggling multiple projects.
This position will report to the HR Director.
They are looking for a leader who has:
• A Christ-like mindset that has demonstrated itself in all facets of life because they have been made new but have not forgotten what it was like to not know Jesus
• Track record of advertising or branding that has created positive measurable results outside of a church environment
• High-end understanding of visual communication, able to tell a story in a unique way that prompts emotion or action
• Skill level that allows active participation on any specific creative team, i.e., photography, graphic design, film videos, pitch concepts and determine execution
• Ability to manage large projects with lots of moving parts
• Teamwork – welcomes feedback, contributes to building morale and connection amongst teams of people, puts the success of team above own interest.
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