Creative Director
City On A Hill

Louisville, Kentucky
Organization Description
Since 2003, City on a Hill has been telling God’s Story. “We want to share Jesus with the world through stories and movies,” says VP & General Manager, Tim Byron. City on a Hill (COH) exists to share the message of the Gospel, support the work of local churches, challenge cultural perceptions of Christianity, and bring the truth and character of Christ to life through the art and craft of filmmaking.

In 2018, the film “I Can Only Imagine”—the story of the hit song by Bart Millard and the story of his reconciled relationship with his father—garnered national support. City on a Hill (COH) provided a line of products based on the movie to support churches.

“It’s about the church – we know that,” says Tim. “We aren’t delusional that someone goes to the movies, their life is changed forever…end of story. But could people in the church use products that support and are derived from these major motion pictures that tell the story of God in powerful ways? Yes!” That’s what we are looking to do more of in the future.

Position Description
Partnering with best-selling authors, dynamic pastors/teachers, and award-winning filmmakers, the Creative Director will oversee the creation of short-from videos and other resources that challenge the minds and touch the hearts of seekers and believers alike.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide overall creative direction for video projects
  • Establish and oversee budget creation and attainment
  • Oversee entire video production process
  • Manage Video Team/Partners/Contractors
  • Collaborate with clients and talent to develop storyboards and scripts
  • Collaborate with other team leaders in Marketing and Publishing
  • Direct, write, produce, shoot, and edit video projects as needed
  • Direct/Produce video shoots as needed in various roles
  • Ensure video assets are Organized and archived as needed
  • Some Travel Required

Primary Skills and Abilities

  • Strong in Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Strong camera skills using a range of cameras from DSLR to Sony FS7.
  • Absorb creative direction while bringing unique ideas to each project.
  • Strong verbal, organizational, and time management skills.
  • Ability to multitask and meet deadlines
  • Able to work independently and/or in a team environment.

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