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Creative Arts Pastor



Why We Love This Opportunity

This is an amazing opportunity to lead young talent, both staff and volunteers, with great tools to reach those far from God with the Gospel in an amazing city.

 Church or Org Description 

Eastern Hills is a church inviting everyone to experience that Jesus makes life better. This church of 2,000 is located in Aurora, a suburb of Denver, CO. This puts Eastern Hills in a community that is more than 90% unchurched, most of them are de-churched. “We believe in a ministry approach that calls people to grow closer to God,” says Senior Pastor Phil EuBank, “and closer to the heart of God at the same time which means our heart breaks for people who are close to us physically but far from the relationship that God wants them to have and died to provide.”
The church is a part of the CRC denomination but is more defined through its relationship with Northpoint and its strategic partnership with them.
“The creative arts ministry is dramatically improved over the last four years in terms of modernizing the equipment, approach, and team. The delivery on a weekend is an A+ but there is a lot of need for development with a young and growing team that needs a trusted leader who can be present and deliver results and coaching for them,” says Phil.

Position Description 

The tools that the next Creative Director will inherit are excellent, and the talent on stage is pretty great too. The style is current with custom arrangements with songs from Elevation, Hillsong and Bethel. Although the team is not afraid to incorporate classic hymns but in a way that feels compatible stylistically with everything else that they do. The service is heavily band led and the vocal duties are shared amongst the team. The team has a focus on congregational engagement and participation. That’s the key.
The team is looking for a Creative Director who can lead the five full-time staff and one hundred volunteers in Production, Music, and Communications. “This role will require a lot of trust rebuilding due to the current unsettledness of the team,” says Phil. “I’m looking for someone that can dream and help think outside the box, to avoid normal ruts that churches get in. Secondly, we are hopeful that this person can design a sense of quality and consistency. Finally, we need a leader who can develop both systems and people for consistent delivery of results in a way that is healthy for the team and the church.”


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