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Creative Arts Pastor



Church or Org Description *
For nearly twenty years, Lakeside Community Church has been welcoming everyone no matter where they are on their journey. They are advancing the gospel in Algoma, Wisconsin and beyond in a new season of fresh vision and action led by Lead Pastor Brian Pursley.

“From the very beginning, Lakeside was founded on the premise that those not here are as important, or more so, than those of us already here,” says Brian. “I believe it’s my job to keep that in front of our leadership at all times.”

Fresh facility renovations to improve the look and feel, as well as fresh vision and language are marking this new season at Lakeside. Getting the weekend experience right is a critical piece to the vision, and choosing the right leader to move it forward is an important next step.

“We are regaining the outward focus that has been lost the last couple of years,” says Brian. The church went through a series of short, interim pastoral leaders before Brian taking the reigns in the fall of ’18.

Position Description *
Lakeside is uniquely positioned to reach those forty and younger with families and to meet their needs in this community. Like much of the Midwest it is marked by a shrinking middle class. Even though the area is great, the pressures on families are great too.

One word to describe this church is engaged. They are engaged in the worship, they laugh along at the volunteer host of the morning while she does announcements and all the way to the back row they sing. In an era of church growth where this is rare, it sticks out as significant. “Our worship style needs to change,” says Brian. We have willing servants who love Jesus and love to serve, but we are ready for a leader to take us forward.

The leadership is clear on what it wants and knows that changing worship styles can be divisive in some churches, but are committed to the changes that need to happen at Lakeside.

The next worship leader at Lakeside must:
Display vocal confidence in leading
Be capable of leading a room and engaging all
Be a solid musician
Bring a sense of discernment in how to lead the team forward

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