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Connections and Small Groups Pastor



Trinity Church is fueled by a vision to establish New Testament churches in the city of Chicago. Trinity has recently moved to a new, permanent location and is poised for continued growth and effectiveness in reaching the city with the Message of Jesus. The congregation of Trinity Church is energized, ethnically diverse, and it comprises a large percentage of young professionals in their 20’s and 30’s, along with many young families.

Church Description *
Trinity’s Purpose:
 To enjoy and share the grace of Jesus– The ultimate purpose of Trinity Church is to glorify God.

Trinity’s leadership resonates deeply with the awareness that, “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.”

Trinity’s Priorities:
 Living Word- We hunger for the life-giving truth of Scripture and a genuine relationship with the unchanging Word Himself.

Empowering Presence- We thirst for the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit to mature, guide, and empower us.

Renewing Work- We see our work and service as a gift from God to reenergize our hearts, renew our world, and redeem the lost.

Trinity’s Values:
 Discernment- We seek relational and situational awareness as we discern ourselves, others, and God.

Ownership- We wholeheartedly commit to our tasks and carry a sense of responsibility for our entire ministry.

Teamwork- We work together in everything by seeking understanding, valuing input, and honoring everyone’s position.

Position Description *
The Small Groups and Connections Pastor for Trinity Church will be leader who lives out Trinity’s core values of discernment, ownership, and teamwork. Candidates must have a track record of effectively equipping and empowering volunteers and staff. Potential candidate must have an unwavering faith and commitment to God’s calling on Trinity Church and the family of Confluence Churches (

The Small Groups and Connections Pastor will have skill in leading with pastoral sensitively and insight and show examples of building relational bridges with outsiders and inviting people to church as a natural part of relationship. In addition, candidates will possess a passion for rich theology, the multi-faceted work of the Holy Spirit (including Biblically grounded expressions of the Spirit’s power and spiritual gifts), and God’s mission. Models healthy self-awareness and social-awareness.The Small Groups and Connections Pastor must be willing to live in very close proximity to Trinity’s current meeting location in order to embed and adapt to local rhythms, connect with people in the neighborhood, and adapt to the cultural realities of Trinity Church and the communities we serve.