Communications Director
Foundations Church

Loveland, Colorado
Church or Org Description *
Foundations Church began on November 11th, 2011 when a gathering of over 800 people showed up to demonstrate their interest at Bill Reed Middle School with Pastors Carl Sutter, Bryce Carlson, and Dan Schmidt.

Due to the overwhelming amount of demand, weekly services began on Christmas Eve of 2011 at Thompson Valley High School. A group on investors quickly realized a need for a permanent location and bought the 50,000 square foot MetroLux theater building in December of 2011 for $1.8 million with the intent to sell or rent it to the church. The church raised money and purchased the building from the investors in April of 2012, paying it off in 2013.

With the building purchased, the church raised additional money for renovations including a 1400 seat auditorium, lobby, and children’s spaces. Additional renovations such as offices, classrooms and installing infrastructure for a 2nd floor to host a new children’s wing were completed shortly after.

Foundations Church is committed to bringing the extraordinary life of Jesus to Northern Colorado. Their goal is to expand to four sites by 2023 with an aim to reach 10,000 people with the gospel on a weekly basis.

Position Description *
The Communications Director will create, organize, plan and implement effective messages and strategies for all Foundations public and multi-campus communication. This individual will support the vision and ministries of Foundations.

-Direct and supervise all church-wide communication.
-Produce content for events, ministry needs, and weekend services.
-Serve on the Programming Team in support of all sermon series, seasonal events, and church vision campaigns.
-Work with Production Teams during weekend services to maintain branding and campus constants.
-Manage and develop the website and its content.
-Develop and implement a strategy for digital platforms (social, web, and app).
-Collaborate with ministry leaders to provide creative and strategic communications.
-Maintain and protect Foundations Branding throughout all ministries

-Proficient with Adobe Creative Suite and knowledge of Final Cut Pro.
-Experience in graphic design, art direction, branding, marketing, project management, and organization.
-Understanding of contemporary culture and trends and the ability to use that knowledge to develop appropriate communications.

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