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Communications Director

New Albany,


Church or Org Description *
Northside’s mission is to connect unconnected people to Jesus by connecting them to Christ, Community and their Calling. Northside is a REAL and WARM community where vibrant ministry is happening, hurting people are being ministered to, and lost people are finding their way. This is a healthy multi-generational church with 6,000+ people consistently gathering to worship and engage in ministry on a weekend.

Discipleship, evangelism and a commitment to being mission-minded drive this church. They believe that being His Church is an invitation of a lifetime and are praying for God’s provision through a ‘called’ Communications Director to become a part of telling the greater story at NCC.

Position Description *
Northside Christian is currently in a very proactive seasoning of repurposing and rebranding. This new Communications Director will help “visioneer” and lead Northside towards new levels of communication, story-rebranding, and effectiveness inviting those who call Northside home and those checking things out to JOIN GOD in the journey.

Northside Church values excellence in their communications strategy. From weekend messages to using digital and social platforms, Northside cares deeply about producing compelling content that engages their community.

While covering the bases for everyday communication (design, weekly email, print media, social media, video stories, etc.) is essential to success in this role, Northside is also looking for someone who can help them with strategic planning and overall campaign management. This individual must be a high-capacity brand-cheerleader for Northside, working right alongside ministry leaders to help drive engagement. The Communications Director will be someone who knows how to look at the entire scope of creative communication ensuring the brand of Northside is protected while innovation and creativity flourish.

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