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Communications Director

Kansas City,


Why We Love This Opportunity

The new Communications Director at Graceway Church will be tethered to a vibrant and creative vision. Graceway is excited to hire someone with strong written skills, who has a passion for creating and curating content that drives engagement.

Because Graceway values and desires consistency and clarity in its communications strategy, the new Communications Director must naturally resonate with Graceway’s relentless commitment to “discover your purpose and make a difference.”

Ultimately, Graceway Church is seeking a leader who will serve as their brand “ambassador,” equipping staff and volunteers while executing a communications strategy that champions the priorities of the lead pastor and senior leadership team.

Globally, Graceway’s vision is to launch campuses and plant churches throughout the world and this role will play a strategic part in achieving that vision.

Church or Org Description

Graceway is a remarkable, multicultural church with a rich history of ministry in the community and abroad and a compelling vision for the future. Graceway Church was founded by Dr. Wendell Zimmerman in 1943 as Kansas City Baptist Temple (KCBT). In 1968, KCBT called Truman Dollar to be the senior pastor. Pastor Dollar continued the tradition of solid biblical content in his messages, and he became one of the first preachers in the metropolitan area to televise services. In 1984 the church asked Pastor Jeff Adams to return from serving as a missionary in Central America to become their third pastor. Tim Dunn joined Graceway in March of 2017 as a co‐lead pastor, and after a successful senior leadership transition, accepted the call to become the church’s fourth lead pastor.
Over the past 74 years, Graceway has planted more than 250 churches internationally. In addition, the church has directly trained and sent out approximately 80 pastors, missionaries, and other leaders to places in the United States and all over the world for ministry. Another 20 autonomous churches have been started, directly or indirectly, just in the Kansas City region out of Graceway. Graceway is currently a healthy, growing, and diverse congregation.

Position Description

The role of the Communications Director (CD) is to oversee the church communication strategy of Graceway Church under the direction and leadership of the Lead Pastor. This will require a firm grasp of the beliefs, values, and strategy of Graceway Church and the ability to align staff and key leadership teams with its mission, vision, and values. The CD will lead all components of communications and marketing to add inspiration, motivation, and clarity to church messages.

Important to this role will be supervising the communications team in day-to-day operational activities and overseeing the training and development of the communications team. This means:
-Recruiting and empowering volunteers to deliver excellence in timeliness, accuracy, design, layout, and ease of use (artists, designers, photographers, writers, etc.).
-Maintaining a strong network of relevant professionals – writers, designers, creative directors, developers, and production managers.
-Developing ministry partnerships with outside vendors that share Graceway’s commitment to excellence.

The CD creates seamless messages that produce simple ways to connect with Graceway Church. The CD is responsible for ensuring a consistent experience across multiple touchpoints including:
-Social Media
-Print layout
-PR/Media Relations

REPORTS TO: Lead Pastor
RELATES CLOSELY TO: Executive Pastor

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