The Bridge
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Communications Director



The staff culture at The Bridge is a healthy, fun environment where people don’t take themselves too seriously, but take God very seriously. Work is accomplished with a focus on grace, excellence, and progression, three of The Bridge’s key cultural values.

Pastor Andrew Smith is gracious, strong and a strategic visionary. The staff is given much freedom and flexibility, as long as they are faithful, productive and pursuing excellence in all they do.

The Bridge is excited to welcome, invest in, and empower the Communications Director in a collaborative working environment with plenty of room to explore new things without fear of failure. This is a great time to become part of God’s story at The Bridge Church!


Church Description *

The Evangelical Free Church of Fresno began in 1949 as a prayer meeting in a home. As the prayer meeting continued to grow, the small group realized a church building was in order. The first church building was established in 1950.

The Evangelical Free Church of Fresno was renamed The Bridge in 2006, as a reflection of their desire to be a useful connection point for people to find Jesus Christ and follow him fully. It is their hope that every person who connects with The Bridge will become a growing disciple of Christ, serving and reaching others.

In their 70 years of history, God has strategically used The Bridge to be a blessing to the people of Fresno. In 2016, Pastor Andrew Smith, and his family moved to Fresno so Andrew could fill the role of Lead Pastor.

Andrew brought with him a fresh perspective and new vision to not only reach the people of Fresno but to reach the whole region and become “a church for the valley helping people discover and follow Jesus!” The Bridge is seeing new, young families joining the church and is reaching over 1,300 people on the weekends.

Position Description *
The Communications Director is responsible for oversight and development of staff to support the vision, mission, values and strategy of The Bridge by directing all components of communications (internal) and marketing (external).

-Create communication strategies to market, inform, promote teaching series, big events and campaigns as assigned
-Lead efforts to design all art and promotional materials related to church-wide activities with a high standard of creativity, excellence and effectiveness
-Manage all aspects of The Bridge website(s) ensuring the content is timely, current and accurate, and represents an effective presence on the web
-Oversee the design and publication of all regular print (i.e., bulletins, signs, banners, publications, brochures) and digital (i.e., website, e-news, social media, slides, videos) communications

-Oversee The Bridge brand by monitoring the look and feel of all promotional materials representing The Bridge
-Create a positive relationship with local and national media including efforts to secure or respond to media attention, as well as develop policies related to media relations

Staff Leadership:
-Develop volunteer teams to accomplish communications goals, including recruiting and training volunteers such as artists, designers, photographers and writers
-Serve as part of the Leadership Staff Team for vision-casting, ministry direction, and planning

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