Princeton Alliance Church
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Communication Director


New Jersey

Why We Love This Opportunity *
At Princeton Alliance, there is a strong desire to see marketing and communications initiatives bring greater clarity and alignment to the ministry overall. Through a more proactive campaign of story-telling and digital innovation, PAC can continue to leverage their already influential voice in the community. Being a multi-cultural church may present new challenges, but Princeton Alliance is a church that isn’t content with the status quo. With a commitment to continually grow, learn, and serve, the church is helping an increasing number of people from a variety of backgrounds to experience life to the fullest in Jesus.

Church Description *

Princeton Alliance Church began in 1982 with a small group of people committed to sharing God’s love with the Princeton/Plainsboro area. That small group has grown to an incredibly diverse church family of over 1,500 with a vision to live life to the fullest in Jesus by knowing God, developing community and bringing hope to the world.

Princeton Alliance has embraced Jesus’ Great Commission (Matthew 28:16–19) and passionately pursues God’s calling to share the Gospel cross-culturally. They do this with a global ministry focus on at-risk children, marginalized families, and creative church planting.

Over these last several years, God has brought a lot of people into Princeton Alliance’s story. They’ve grown to become a large church family that worships together in three Sunday morning gatherings.

Princeton Alliance Church is a part of The Christian Missionary Alliance network of churches.

Position Description *
The new Communication Director must naturally resonate with PAC’s mission and vision while being adept at effective cross-cultural communication. He/She must “fit” well in a diverse community whereby they understand the uniqueness of the region and the challenges it presents. A high degree of cultural sensitivity is a non-negotiable for the ideal candidate to leverage PAC’s voice both internally and externally.

They need a highly-relational, experienced leader with a strong mix of administrative gifting blended with the necessary skills to develop a team for project management. This will require someone with expertise in communications strategies, especially in the digital space (web and social) that is not currently on staff.

The Communication Director is primarily responsible for a clear communication plan aligned with PAC’s mission, vision and strategy which supports church ministries through all you read, click‐through and see.

The ideal candidate will:
—Hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in or related to the field of Communications (Journalism, Communication Arts, Graphic Design, Media, etc.).
—Be highly proficient in Adobe Creative Suite for Mac (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat).
—Be familiar with HTML, CSS navigation, apps, and social media management.
—Have experience with database management and budgeting.

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