horizon community church

Children’s Pastor
Horizon Community Church

Cincinnati, Ohio

Horizon Community Church has one of the most unique callings and approaches to doing church. They have a laser focus on who God has called them to be and serve, and they run after it. If you have a love for the lost and a nontraditional way of doing church then you’ll love being the Children’s Pastor at Horizon Community Church!

Church Description
With a unique vision of “Challenging Leaders to Change the World,” Horizon Community Church has positioned themselves to influence those in positions of influence that will have an exponential Kingdom impact on the world. With Horizon’s location in areas of affluent suburban Cincinnati, they are surrounded by leaders and executives from many of the country’s Fortune 500 companies. Horizon is a place for all to explore and find faith. Horizon has nearly 1,700 people exploring and growing together every weekend.

The culture at Horizon is one of excellence and is focused on reaching those that are exploring God while creating challenging environments to help Christ-followers grow deeper in their faith. This is embodied by two distinct services — the Exploring Service for those exploring God and faith and the Equipping Service for those looking to grow deeper in their faith. The Equipping Service is held on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. and again on Sunday at 8:50 a.m. The Exploring Service is held on Sunday at 10 a.m. and again at 11:10 a.m.

Position Description
Because of the high leadership culture of not only those in positions at Horizon Community Church, but also in those who attend Horizon, the new Children’s Pastor/Director should have a high level of humble confidence. They will be interacting with and leading some who are CEOs and leaders of global companies. The Horizon Church community is filled with well-educated, high-capacity leaders. If the Children’s Pastor/Director, in this context, is able to lead effectively they will have a world-class leadership team in the Children’s Ministry.

Excellent, high-level, creative ministry programming is an important value at Horizon. It’s part of what draws new people—explorers and Christ-followers alike—to its campus each weekend. The leadership, curriculum, and decor of E-Station supports this but could use some attention so it’s clearly reflected in large and small group rooms and common areas. The Children’s Pastor/Director will also need to assess the current teaching and programming teams in order to ensure each leader is serving in his/her area of gifting, passion, and expertise.

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