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Campus Pastor



Why We Love This Opportunity *

Mountain Christian Church is a mission outpost, located in the densest part of the country and also one of the most unreached geographies. MCC’s greatest effort is spent trying to reach folks who are far from Jesus and move them to the “core.” MCC uses the phrase, “more to the core”, meaning they want everyone who calls Mountain home to be on a trajectory of being more like Jesus through living out the Mountain Walk. The Mountain Walk: Love God by pursuing a relationship with Jesus. Love People by connecting with others in real relationships. Serve the World by trusting God with what he has provided to advance his mission. This is why we love Mountain Christian Church and this great opportunity!

Church or Org Description *

God is calling Mountain Christian Church to enlarge their tent by stretching, strengthening, and spreading.

Mountain Christian Church comes from a strong heritage that has been characterized by growth, outreach and innovation. Started as a result of pioneering preachers who traveled by horseback from Kentucky, Mountain was formed by leaders who demonstrated a willingness to go, reach and endure in order to see God’s kingdom grow.

Each generation has built upon the victories and struggles of the past in order to continue making disciples of Jesus Christ. MCC has been planting churches since the 1870’s and sending missionaries since the 1880’s. MCC has changed and experimented in order to keep fulfilling their mission.

Now is the time for our generation to continue this heritage. There’s more to be done, much more Everything in our their past has merely been a launching point for today as they continue to follow God faithfully forward.

Mountain Christian Church is focused on being known for the following:

  • Driven by their mission and vision.
  • A strong staff culture.
  • Being known in the community and the community is better because MCC exists.
  • A focus on growing the Kingdom in their region.

Position Description *

Purpose of the role

To grow in leadership, knowledge and relational equity with Mountain Christian Church teams and people in order to successfully launch the next campus.

Principle Function

  • To learn the “ins and outs” of MCC, in order to have a better understanding of MCC DNA and Strategies.
  • Lead a Ministry Area (i.e. welcome, groups) towards missional goals on the Campus.
  • Work towards building a launch team and launch strategy for the next campus.


All Team Members should be able to:

  • Communicate well.
  • Use technology effectively.
  • Execute ministry.
  • Manage work effectively.
  • Develop people.
  • Build teams.
  • Evaluate & improve.
  • Manage ministry budget & allocate resources.