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Business Administrator



Why We Love This Opportunity

Kenwood Baptist Church has been a gospel-centric church and presence in its community for decades. The team at Kenwood is looking for a Kingdom minded Business Administrator to move them intto their preferable future for continued impact in the community

Church Description

Kenwood Baptist Church has been a gospel-centric church in their community for decades. This church highly values depth of teaching and expository preaching. “We want to sing good theology,” says Dr. David Palmer, Senior Pastor, “we believe that genuine Gospel-Centered worship is evangelistic when truths are sung, and people are ushered into God’s presence.”

The church is experiencing a new-found momentum, and is beginning to lay plans for a facility remodel to include re-designed space to help it be more outward facing to the community.

The church has gone through a re-visioning which led to a re-work of the vision statement to be: As people redeemed by God, united in Christ, and empowered by His Spirit, we worship God, live by His Word, and join His mission to bring hope to this world. “Kenwood is a healthy, safe, and loving congregation where many have found Christ, healing, and restoration in their lives.”

Kenwood is a church of 500 and partners with many gospel-centered local ministries. As with most growing churches, most come from a wide range of religious and non-religious backgrounds.

Position Description

Position Description:

Proactively oversee all functions related to managing the church in a manner that leads to successfully reaching the goals of Kenwood Baptist Church, shaping an atmosphere of kingdom stewardship and generosity that aligns with and advances the mission and vision of the ministry the church. Anticipates needs and makes recommendations for all managerial functions would include planning, controlling, organizing, staffing, and directing the operations and physical properties of the church.


  • Manage general activities related to achieving the mission of Kenwood Baptist Church
  • Responsible for maintenance and upkeep of all church structures and grounds
  • Innovate by applying new technologies to the church
  • Identify places to cut costs and to improve performance, process, policies and programs
  • Responsible for creating, updating, and overseeing the processes covering church facilities:
  • Responsible for overseeing and establishing the goals of the Marketing and Communication Department
  • Direct and oversee an organization’s financial and budgetary activities
  • Cost versus value assessments with church process and contracts
  • Master the church’s financial statement and various funds
  • Handles payroll and benefits of all church employees
  • Driving the budgeting process – creation, implementation, monitoring and reporting

A more Comprehensive job description is available upon request.

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