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Brand Strategist



Description *
Visioneering Studios grew out of the desire for the Church to regain a leadership position in culture. Since their conception in 2002, Visioneering has grown into the only faith-based design-build firm nationwide, offering their full suite of services to churches, nonprofits, and commercial businesses alike. From real estate to designing, to building—Visioneering’s integrated divisions, national licensure, and collective expertise provide a seamless customer journey to cutting-edge environments.

While Visioneering started in Irvine, California as a design firm and still has a studio there, over the years, Visioneering has grown from one employee in Southern California to a national company with almost 50 employees located in multi-disciplinary studios in every time zone in the continental United States to better serve each client’s project.

Visioneering Studios is launching inspired vision into reality for remarkable churches and organizations across the nation. From look to launch, they’ve learned to co-steward holistically. The real secret to their success over the years has been their remarkable team of experts who know how to leverage art and science, ministry and industry experience, and individual gifts and talents to weave a multitude of ideas into the right solutions for their partners.

Position Description *
The Brand Strategist at Visioneering Studios will lead strategic digital marketing initiatives to increase Visioneering’s visibility and establish their voice in the design-build space. This individual plays a crucial role in shaping how Visioneering goes to market with its messages through a multi-channel, integrated end-to-end campaign strategy. This position offers a balance of graphic design, branding and advertising strategy, content marketing, overseeing tracking and optimization, project management, art direction and strategic input from ideation through launch of all digital campaigns. In addition to serving as the lead graphic designer for digital platforms, this role will also manage the development, delivery, and execution of customized digital marketing efforts that will help raise Visioneering’s profile in church, nonprofit, and corporate spaces alike.

Responsibilities include:
-Ensuring Visioneering Studios has a distinctive artistic feel in all their graphics, imagery, and language.
-Creating, building, and maintaining marketing and communications strategies.
-Working with multiple staff at Visioneering and responding to internal requests for promotional materials and design collateral.
-Organizing and prioritizing Social Media, SEO, eMail, and content creation strategies.
-Overseeing Visioneering’s website to ensure consistency and quality while keeping an eye on what’s current.
-Work with leadership to create and manage marketing budget.

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