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Associate Worship Leader

Mount Pleasant,

South Carolina

Church or Org Description *
Growing in relationships and sharing the gospel are two of the core values that drive ministry at The Church at LifePark. They believe that in the context of relationships people can hear the gospel and experience life transformation. Since opening their doors 9 years ago, the church has seen over 700 people make professions of faith and be baptized. The Church at LifePark now sees around 1800 people worshipping on their campus each weekend. They are known in the community as a thriving church that values authenticity with no pretense. People may be drawn to the beautiful facilities and family atmosphere, but many stay for preaching that is fresh, real, applicable and challenging.

The staff culture at The Church at LifePark is described as a team that is highly productive, highly relational, and they’ve worked hard to establish an environment of high trust. Collaboration is valued and team members enjoy an open forum to share and give shape to ideas. The senior leader is a lifelong learner who values trust, relationships, and clarity of vision in decision-making processes. Those on the team are valued and genuine concern is shown for their spiritual and emotional well-being.

Position Description *
The musical worship at The Church at LifePark purposefully engages and values the best of old and new. The church sings a mix of the most current worship songs along with hymns arranged in a modern format with the hope that people can walk into their worship services and recognize the Gospel message through the songs and creative elements used. Typical instrumentation includes keys, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass and drums with 2-4 singers. Those serving on the worship team enjoy a deep sense of real connection and trust with one another. Team members are valued for who they are as people, not only for their ability.

The Associate Worship Leader will report directly to the Associate Pastor of Worship and will lead weekly in corporate worship through music, invitation, and prayer at one of their two venues. This person will participate in planning weekly services and developing systems that support the overall vision for the worship ministry. The Associate Worship Leader will also assist in recruiting and developing new team members. Musical skill and administrative competence is important to this role, but someone who leads from the heart with authentic passion and godly humility is desired.