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Connections Pastor



At Community Christian Church the people are great and the ministry is forward-thinking, relevant and mission-minded. They are making a significant impact on their city and region. The person that joins this team as Connections Pastor will be able to make a large difference in the culture of the church, reputation in the community, and even help plant new churches!

Church Description 
Community Christian Church helps people find their way back to God. Planted in 2006 in the attractive Baltimore County suburb of White Marsh, Community Christian Church has been an emblem of strong leadership, clear purpose, relevant style, and a committed core to the community. Being in a growing area of the Northeast U.S., close to 1,000 people worship at 3C each weekend. The church gathers in a three-year-old facility near the community center of White Marsh, close to the mall, movie theater, and restaurants.

Community Christian Church has earned a healthy respect and appreciation in the surrounding community for being a fun and helpful church. They are also known for their casual environment and quality outreach events. With a focus on helping people find their way back to God, they strategically craft their worship experiences, programming and resources accordingly. This translates into an infectious externally focused culture that drives all they do, including a passion and investment in church planting. A three-step mission strategy is used: celebrate, connect, contribute. Visit for more information.

Position Description 
The Connections Pastor will be responsible to develop, employ, and foster a relational culture and connection systems to move people forward in their faith. In 3C lingo, “Move people from a 0C follower to a 3C follower.” Responsibilities include senior leadership, assimilation, community building, preaching and teaching, special events, relational-culture shaping, team leadership, recruitment, development pathways (i.e. adult discipleship pathways, small groups, classes, etc.).

The Connections Pastor must have specific gifts, passions, and leadership abilities in order to oversee the ministry as follows: relationship charisma, connection catalyst, dynamic communicator from stage to 1-on-1, humble, open, and resilient, culturally savvy, inspirational mover, team-builder, outreach passionate, personally secure, leadership maturity, big-picture understanding, quick processor, disarming / put people at ease, easy and fun to be around, spiritually rooted and adept, theology knowledgeable, an active doer, not only theorist. Visit for more information.