Give your new staff members the skills and understanding
to get off to a great start.

What’s So Important About
The First 90 Days?

Recent workplace studies have shown that new staff members absorb more value from the organization than they provide over their first six months on the team. We can accelerate the speed at which your new hires move from “value taking” to “value adding” during their first 90 days and prepare them for success.


Building your welcome kit

Onboarding doesn’t have to be boring. Celebrate your new hires with a welcome kit on their first day, and help start them off on an excited foot, every day. Check out Tim and David’s tips and tricks for building your welcome kit below.

Praying For New Hires

It’s easy to get lost in the process of finding and hiring the best candidate. Don’t forget to take time to center on what matters by inviting the Holy Spirit into the process. Prayer reminds us how to be obedient to what God is doing through and in our community. Learn how to pray for candidates, new hires, and invite your entire team alongside.

Hiring the whole family

From the interview process and making a job offer, to onboarding and coaching your new hires, it’s important to invite their entire family into the process. Check out Tim and David’s tips on how to welcome, include, and celebrate a candidate’s whole family for the long-haul.


By helping you maximize your new hires, you’ll also be creating margin for those hires to become contributing members of the team, leading to a quicker return investment for the entire church.

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