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Crisis Coaching

We’re in the midst of a season where leaders are being forced to draw on every bit of their creativity, compassion, and ingenuity to lead their churches and organizations through the unknown. Our aim is to resource and prepare you as a leader for the challenges and opportunities you’ll encounter during this time. Slingshot Group has a team of coaches who are equipped and ready to walk with you as you navigate uncharted territory!

We can help you navigate how to:

  • Better engage with your staff in a digital setting
  • Build and implement an effective digital communications strategy
  • Improve your online weekend experience
  • Assess your ministry and staff
  • Develop HR solutions and organizational tools
  • And much more!

This 3-month coaching includes:

  • Six 60-minute, one-on-one coaching sessions with one of our coaches via Zoom
  • Access to a Slingshot coach via text/email
  • An opportunity to expand your network through our network
  • Honest feedback from someone who understands ministry
  • Proven tools and systems to implement

It’s never been more important to lean in than right now!
That’s why we’re offering
Crisis Coaching for the discounted price of $300/month (normally $599/month) in this season.

White Papers


A guide to help you in staffing this key role.


Simple ways you can focus your church on serving people well in crises.

How do we pray for people and do small groups VIRTUALLY

Our need for community is woven into the very fabric of our being. We were created for it!

Inviting People to Online Church

Four things churches should keep in mind to create the best online experience.

Discipleship in an age of isolation

Give people more opportunities to think deep thoughts and ask deep questions.

Lead Forward

Why a present-future mindset regarding your team is mission critical.

How to Engage the Family

Practical ways churches can engage entire families digitally.

How Churches and Their Leaders Can Respond To COVID-19

A guide for helping your church navigate these uncertain times.

Virtual Church

Tips for helping your staff transition to a digital office space.


How Do We Pray for People and Do Small Groups Virtually?
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How Do We Pray for People and Do Small Groups Virtually?

What does gathering in small groups, community, and prayer look like for churches today? In this video, Todd Clark talks about the positive and negative side effects of small groups and prayer going digital in this time of social distancing.

Discipleship in Isolation
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Discipleship In an Age of Isolation

Johnny Scott, Lead Pastor of Generations Christians Church in Trinity, Florida, believes that in order to reach people with the Gospel we have to stop assuming that people already understand and know the way to Jesus. We should be using our digital tools to “put the cookies on the lower shelf” and give people more opportunities to think deep thoughts and ask deep questions.

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How to Engage the Whole Family During COVID-19 with Vance Martin

The home has become the center of life for many families in the midst of COVID-19. As a result, churches have had to figure out how to engage both parents and their kids to adapt to this new reality. In this video, Vance Martin shares 4 ways churches can engage entire families digitally.

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Church, Easter, and COVID-19

As social distancing and shelter-in-place orders become the new normal, how can church leaders leverage digital channels to spread hope this Easter season?
While no one has all the answers, there is much to learn from one another in this time of uncertainty. In this video, you’ll learn from pastors and leaders at prevailing churches who are helping prepare their people for the days ahead.

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Kidmin in the COVID-19 Era with Dan Lovaglia

When Cullen Wood, Children’s Director at Mountain Life Church, found out the church was closing its doors due to COVID-19, she came up with some creative ideas to continue pouring into the kids who attend the church. In her recent interview with Dan Lovaglia, Nextgen Associate at Slingshot Group, Cullen shares new ways she’s interacting with kids and families during this time.

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How to Invite People to Church Online with Keith Robinson

Now that services have moved to being entirely online, many churches are rethinking how they communicate digitally. In this video, Keith Robinson shares 4 things churches should keep in mind to create the best online experience.
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Digital Prayer Groups with Brian Aaby

In the wake of COVID-19, physical prayer gatherings are no longer an option. Brian Aaby, Senior Associate at Slingshot Group, shares some ideas for how churches can utilize digital prayer groups for youth ministry and beyond!

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8 Takeaways from a Conversation with Worship Leaders

Recently, David Miller, Vice President of Coaching at Slingshot Group, joined in a conversation with several California worship leaders to discuss the effect COVID-19 was having on their churches. In this video, David shares 8 key takeaways from that conversation.

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Engaging Parents Digitally with Brian Aaby

NextGen leaders, have you started engaging with parents during this season of digital communications? Check out this video from Brian Aaby, Senior Associate at Slingshot Group, to learn more.

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Benefits of Peripheral Vision with Tim Foot & Stan Endicott

During uncertain times like this, it’s imperative that leaders develop peripheral vision. What is peripheral vision? How does it work in a team context? Find out in this video from Tim Foot, VP of Senior Leadership & Experience, and Stan Endicott, Chief Culture Officer at Slingshot Group.

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5 Tips for Virtual Meetings with Monty Kelso & Slingshot Staff

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, more and more teams are opting to meet virtually through a variety of online video platforms. In this video, Monty Kelso, President of Slingshot Group, and other members of the Slingshot Group staff share some valuable reminder for virtual meetings.

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Tips for Working From Home with David Miller

More than likely, you or your team have suddenly been thrust into working from home! David Miller, Vice President of Coaching at Slingshot Group, shares some tips and tricks for making the most out of this time!


The ChurchPulse Weekly

The ChurchPulse Weekly, a collaboration between Barna and Gloo, is a free tool designed to help leaders gather important metrics from their congregation and churches nationwide during this time of uncertainty.



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