Connecting Through Coaching Circles

One of my favorite aspects of Coaching Circles has been the ongoing Facebook connections of the group in a private feed (which is optional for participants).  I was looking over some of the posts of recent groups, and realizing what a powerful resource they have become to one another. The leaders post all kinds of questions, ranging from fairly simple ones to more complex and challenging issues.  Here’s just a sample:

Worship Arts Coaching Circles

  • What does your audition process look like?
  • What are 5 recently added worship songs that your congregation seems to love?
  • How are you handling Christmas when it falls on a Sunday?
  • Could you please send job descriptions for “Worship Pastor” and “Creative Arts Pastor” if you have one?
  • How are your worship leaders scheduled?
  • What is one learning you had from Easter week?

These groups also do a lot of sharing of creative videos, sparking ideas for one another.


Women in Leadership Coaching Circles

  • How do you plan/design effective staff meetings?
  • Do you use a project management system that works for you?
  • How do you handle requests for outside building use? Do you allow alcohol on your premises for private events? For church events?
  • I’m heading into my first experience of team teaching for a Sunday morning message – any advice for the process of message preparation?
  • How does your church handle baby dedications?
  • Please send job descriptions for ___________(several different roles)


Of course, there are also many requests for specific prayer as a leader gets ready to teach or lead worship, or as a leader contemplates a transition or is heading into a difficult conversation.  I love to see other group members weigh in and lovingly serve one another.

Would being a part of a vital network of leaders be the right next step for you? The initial Coaching Circles experience lasts just under a year…. but there is a long-term benefit of connection that has no defined end. What a wonder to know we are not alone in ministry!

These circles are intentionally limited to 12 or less people so that we can forge the kind of bonds possible with a more intimate group. This year we are offering two different Circles for women and worship arts leaders. Please consider applying today, or let us know if you have any questions!

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