30 Ways to Find Joy at Work

by: Todd Clark  |  August 24th, 2018  |  WorkJoy  | 

Not every single day at work will bring you joy – but you can still experience WORKJOY every day. Here are some simple things I have learned that keep me ready to come back to work tomorrow, even when I am ready for today to end!

1. Treat everyone with respect.
2. Adopt a “biggest fan” mindset.
3. Promote other people’s ideas whenever you can.
4. Admit you don’t know everything.
6. Set lofty goals.
7. Ask questions and then listen.
8. Don’t crack under pressure.
9. Push others into the spotlight.
10. Don’t be afraid to confront.
11. Seek alignment.
12. Write notes and emails of encouragement daily.
13. Don’t follow fads.
14. Learn from everyone.
15. Take responsibility.
17. Don’t anger easily.
18. Embrace pressure.
19. Share the credit.
20. Accept the blame.
21. Leverage culture.
22. Ignore the polls.
24. Assume positive intentions.
25. Pass on the perks to others on the team.
26. Laugh at yourself.
27. Love on others.
28. Give authority along with responsibility.
29. Don’t be afraid to “make the ask.”


What are some things that bring you WORKJOY?

Todd Clark

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