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I admit the title sounds gimmicky, and you’re probably reading this with the same enthusiasm you’d listen to a door-to-door salesman trying to sell you free solar on your rooftop (if you’re from the Pacific NW you won’t understand that, but it happens in Cali).

Seriously though, STOP.  Listen, really listen to your conscience.  Ask yourself if you are willing to step out a try something new, then read on.

I recently spoke to a pastor who had no intention of receiving an offering at his Christmas Eve service a few months ago.  However, he felt prompted to do so.  In that one offering gifts totaled ½ a weeks normal offering and it was given 100% to meet local compassionate needs.  People like to be generous and feel generous and, Easter is less than a month away.  You can bring in a full weeks offering above your normal giving if you will follow the simple steps below:

1. Make up your mind that you will DO AN EASTER OFFERING and decide what the offering will go to

2. Get the word out:

  • Tell your people this Sunday and every Sunday leading up to Easter that you will be taking up a special Easter offering and the purpose for the offering; include a video if at all possible
  • Email your church on the Tuesday or Wednesday before Easter.  Remind the about the offering, its significance, and tell them about the need the offering will meet
  • Ask 100% of your families to participate…even the ones that are giving a double tithe…even the ones that are participating in your current vision campaign…everyone!
  • Include your staff.  Let them help plan ways to make this significant for the youth and children too

3. Receive the Easter offering on Easter and do it separately from your regular offering—yes, receive 2 offerings on Easter.

  • Encourage everyone to participate, even newcomers.  It has always astounded me that churches think newcomers shouldn’t give to their church; some churches even say so when they receive their offering.  To me his says, “We are a club and you don’t have to pay dues here until you decide to become a member”.  If you believe you are meeting needs and changing lives why would you bashfully tell newcomers not to participate?  Shouldn’t our kingdom causes be the most compelling needs they have the opportunity to give to?  If the local church is the hope of the world, a quote we love to repeat, let’s be confident in funding it!
  • An Easter offering that meets a well known compassionate need (local or global) is one of the best ways to help a non giver to take their first steps of trusting God with a portion of their money.

It’s all God’s money anyways, help create givers and resource your church—you can increase your giving this month by 25%!

Sean Morgan | Strategic Operations Coach

Sean Morgan

Capitalizing on an 18 year career leading in business, military aviation, and ministry, Sean is able to implement and execute the unique vision God has given you and your church.  Adept at problem solving and achieving success where others have… Read More