10 Things I Learned in my Conversation with Dave Miller

Dave Miller has spent the last twelve years coaching church leaders and helping churches reach their potential. His passion is to see more dynamic upcoming leaders in the pipeline for local churches and to ensure a healthy pathway for all of them.

With that in mind, Dave became one of the founders of Leadership Pathway. Leadership Pathway curates a network of churches, leaders and training pathways in order to generate a pipeline of world-class church leaders who are highly desired and hirable.


Last week, I sat down with Dave to hear more about his experience. Here are 10 things I learned:

  1. “There are great hospitals, and there are great teaching hospitals.” The same is true for churches. Let’s be more than a great church. Let’s be a great teaching church!
  2. The #1 thing to do if you’re thinking about starting a residency is to just start!
  3. We should measure the success of our internships and residency programs by how highly desirable and hirable our residents are by the end.
  4. Residency can be a major part of your churches leadership pipeline.
  5. Whatever the path of a leader, each leader can point to these common experiences… They experienced pain. They had people who walked with them. They were free to fail in a safe place. They were given the opportunity to lead.
  6. Residencies are NOT only for the megachurch. Imagine if one thousand churches of varying sizes intentionally raised up one young leader, each through a residency at their church!
  7. You don’t need to make this up as you go. Leadership Pathway has a playbook and will walk with you through this process.
  8. Leadership Pathway will help you to identify the best fit for your residency program.
  9. Leadership is cultivated when we’re “in over our heads, but within arm’s reach to someone that will not let us drown.”
  10. Every leader needs a proven path and a trusted guide.


If you’re thinking about launching or strengthening an existing residency program at your church, head over to leadershippathway.org to find out more. And if you missed our conversation, you can catch up below!


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