Ryan Kirkland


Ryan Kirkland Associate | Students

Ryan Kirkland is a talented, young leader who gets the modern church. He is an innovate artist on the front edge of worship trends in both a youth ministry and adult ministry context. Having grown up in the dynamic ministry of Discovery Church in Orlando, he learned first hand the ins-and-outs of mega church worship ministry as a young teenager. While serving as a teen at Discovery Ryan’s singer/songwriter career took off when his band, “Between The Trees”, was signed by Universal Motown Records.All along, God had an undeniable calling on Ryan’s life to serve in the local church and his experience as lead singer and front man for the popular band proved to be the perfect training ground for the dynamic worship ministry he experiences today.

Most recently Ryan and his wife, Monika, have moved to Southern California where he serves as a worship arts pastor at Mountain View Church in Orange County. His rich experience, vast network, and highly relational manner make for the perfect recipe to help churches in their search for young worship leaders.