Keith Robinson


Throughout his career, Keith Robinson has been driven by a deeply personal desire to help charitable organizations thrive and advance their mission. Growing up as an at-risk youth, Keith became a beneficiary of the kinds of services that improve the lives of those who need advocacy.

With that strong sense of connection as a backdrop for his calling, Keith has dedicated himself to working in the nonprofit sector through multiple initiatives both locally and globally. He has held numerous positions and served at various levels within nonprofit organizations including roles as a founder & president, vice president, board member, coach, consultant and advocate.

His skill set as a communicator, consultant, coach, author and influential thought- leader inspires and empowers organizations to develop sound strategies, best practices and innovative ideas. Keith currently serves as a Lead Associate at Slingshot Group, passionately connecting remarkable organizations and next level leaders through staffing and coaching services. Keith and his wife, Samantha, are raising their two sons, Joel and Jude, and currently reside in the greater Chicago area.