Structuring Your Church for Effective Discipleship

by:  |  February 5th, 2016  |  Senior Leadership  | 

What does it look like to structure your church for discipleship? As pastors, what is the mindset we need to take on in order to disciple others effectively?

In this video, Jeff Vanderstelt, Francis Chan, and Robert Coleman talk with Bill Hull about how churches can change their structures and plans to make a more conducive environment for effective discipleship.

The group discusses the relational environments necessary for effective discipleship according to Jesus. Discipleship is defined as being fully conformed to the image of Christ in everything. Here are three environments that create effective spaces for discipleship to happen:

  • Life on Life – Discipleship is effective when people’s lives become visible and accessible—when we can see what it looks like to follow Jesus in the everyday stuff of life. You can learn a lot about what somebody believes by what they pray, and through learning each other’s stories through life on life opportunities.
  • Life in Community – If you are the only person discipling another person, then that person is going to look more like YOU. When everyone in a collective community does their job, it better equips the person being discipled because they’re being discipled by the multi-faceted body of Christ (the church). For discipleship to be effective, it’s essential that we have a community of people pouring into our lives.
  • Life on Mission – When Jesus spoke with His disciples, He said, “Come, follow me, and I’ll make you fishers of men.” The missions field is the best place to train people to become disciple makers, because it’s in the middle of missions that people realize they’re in desperate need of God.

How do you run a church and live this way at the same time? As leaders, we need to consider what is biblical and what is American. American culture tells us to live a life of privacy, but Jesus preached the exact opposite. We must always consider what is biblical and how can we live out God’s commands in community with those we are discipling.