Six (Ok, Seven!) Freebies for Children’s Ministry Leaders

by: Dan Lovaglia  |  August 17th, 2018  |  Childrens  | 

Your church wants its children’s ministry to be amazing. You know the stakes are high, and how important it is for kids and families to meet and walk with Christ for life. You also know that kid-influencers in your span of care need high-quality inspiration, training and resources to help this happen.

But there’s always a caveat; a question that gets asked all the time:

How do we create an amazing children’s ministry for as cheap as possible?!

It’s not that you don’t want to spend the money, you just don’t have it laying around to spend. Well, today’s your lucky day. Your friends at Slingshot Group have your ministry budget’s back today.

We can’t float your entire Fall season of ministry, but we can point you toward a handful (plus one) of freebies for children’s ministry leaders that we couldn’t keep quiet about. Seriously, these are free and no one put us up to promoting these (BTW… if a great resource you know about didn’t make the list, don’t take it personally. Share it freely in the comments for all to see). We just wanted to partner with you so you can take strides toward that amazing children’s ministry you’ve always wanted!


  1. FREE 3-Year No-Strings-Attached Subscription:

You can now get a 3-year subscription (18 print + digital issues) of Children’s Ministry Magazine for FREE! That’s a no-strings-attached, steal of a deal from some of the best thought-leaders, resource providers, and ministry equippers on the planet. Click here to subscribe—and tell your whole kidmin team!


  1. FREE Inspiration, DIY Ideas, & Wisdom:

Corinne is a brilliant children’s ministry veteran who, like you, is learning as she goes. One thing that sets her apart is that she shares tons of FREE creative inspiration, do-it-yourself ideas, and kid-influencer wisdom on her blog. Sign-up for her posts and spread the word.


  1. FREE Lessons with All the Fixin’s:

You read that right—Life.Church is committed to making their ministry resources for all ages available to churches for free. You’re likely well aware of their award-winning BibleApp for Kids (it’s free too!). But you haven’t seen anything if you haven’t dived into their extensive buffet of Early Childhood, Elementary, and Students materials. No card required to access everything is dishing up!!


  1. FREE Recruiting Strategies & More:

Steven is passionate about building a Christ-centered children’s ministry. But he doesn’t stop there! He is also devoted to curating practical resources for the kidmin community. His free eBook, Recruit: How to Find Volunteers for Ministry, delivers on its promise—as does his flagship website. Want to gear-up free of charge? Get on over to KidminTools.


  1. FREE Best-of-the-Best Tips & Tools:

Few people want to drink from a firehose… unless you’re a children’s ministry leader that’s constantly scouring the worldwide web for free resources! Guess what? provides a never-ending stream of fantastic blog posts, fun ideas, and strategic tips/tools. Trust us, you want your ministry and team to get connected to what is giving out!


  1. FREE Lifeline for Kid-Influencers: NextGen Survival Guide

You learn a lot after working with hundreds of churches and candidates. What we hear over and over from those who serve children, students, and families is: IT’S HARD, SEND HELP! So while we’re always ready to partner with churches, we have lots of unconventional ways to help you build a remarkable team through staffing and coaching. It’s why lead associates, David Miller and Vance Martin, wrote A NextGen Ministry Survival Guide and we’re giving it away for free! Now you don’t just have to survive children’s ministry—sign-up for our free eBook so you can come alive and thrive.


Bonus Freebie… Because Children’s Ministry Isn’t for the Faint at Heart: Relational Children’s Ministry: Turning Kid-Influencers into Lifelong Disciple Makers 

(I know, we said 6 freebies, but isn’t 7 a more biblical number?)

Every kid-influencer faces the same pain points in their children’s ministry. The issue isn’t what they face, but how they press through. I want to set you up for the marathon ahead! To help you and your team diagnose how your kidmin community is doing, I’m giving away a sample of my newest book at ChildrensMinistry.SlingshotGroup.Org.

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